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Current information JMS:
Online business processing unchanged with additional hygiene measures (please ask by phone or email) when shipped by us to protect the customer. There may be delays in the supply chains, please understand.

Stationary / retail store:
From Friday April 24th 2020 we will open our shop with a new handling due to the current situation.
- Individual customer admission to our shop
- Duty of mouth protection when entering our shop
- Advice as usual from our specialist staff.

We look forward to your visit and are available for any questions.
As usual, we also offer complete processing including installation of all components with possible special entries.

Happy advice also by phone
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Hyundai I30N Performance with our Barracuda Racing Wheels Project 3.0 8.5×19 in the color flash red. When the sun shines, the color red appears on the milled spoke like a ray of light. The series Read more…

@ the_transporter_s8 with our Barracuda Racing Wheels Project X in 10×22 at 16kg. Ultralight wheels in perfection with our X-spoke.

Joint project with the companies @jms_fahrzeugteile, @ eisenmannexhaust, @ kw_suspension, @ barracuda.wheels and @ for the BMW M2 Competition.  Front axle 8.5×20 and rear axle 10×20.

@jms_fahrzeugteile body kit, @hrspecial springs by JMS and the Corspeed Kharma 10×20 higloss brushed bronze with 2553020 tires on both axles. Front axle ET 20 and rear axle ET 25 in conjunction with Barracuda spacers.

@jms_fahrzeugteile tuning @hrspecialfedern and @barracuda.wheels Shoxx 8.5×19 and 2253519 tires for the Skoda Octavia 5E RS.

@jms_fahrzeugteile Mercedes W213 E-Class T-Modell with our Barracuda Tzunamee EVO dark gun metal brushed in 9×20 with 2453520 tires front and rear axle 2753020. Lowering with @hrspecial springs also from JMS. The rim looks just Read more…

@jms_fahrzeugteile BMW F10 M5 with body kit and the Barracuda Racing Wheels in the special color gold 9×20 front axle and rear axle 10.5 x 20. Lowering with a @kw_suspension coilover Variant 3. A @eisenmannexhaust Read more…

@racelook_hrvatska Formula our base in Croatia with the new BMW 3-series G20 and our Barracuda Karizzma Racing Wheels 8.5×19 matt black pure sports. Tires 2254019 on the front axle and 2553519 on the rear axle. Read more…

Hyundai I30N @jms_fahrzeugteile with body kit (@ingonoaktuning), @kw_suspension coilover variant 3, Barracuda Tzunamee EVO rim 8,5×19 dark gunmetal brushed and @ barracuda.racingbolts.

BMW M240i with M-Performance brake from @jms_fahrzeugteile with Barracuda Racing Wheels Ultralight Project 2.0 8.5×19 (at around 9 kg) in gunmetal and 22535 + 2453019 tires. Lowering also comes from JMS with a @st_suspensions coilover. Read more…